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VR Remote Control, IVSO Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Controller Compatible with Android for Samsung Gear VR, Smart Phones, Tablets, PC – Easy control for selfie, video, music, mouse, Ebook, game, VR Features: Product Name: VR case handle Automatic Recognition Bluetooth function a : Function toggle key C : Function Selection (VR ,video self-timer mode.) A : Function Select (Music Video Mode.) B : Function Select (game mode) D : Function Select (mouse mode.) Continuous play time: about 40 hours Continuous play time: about 40-120 hours Function: 1,Mouse mode: + D mouse mode can be freely controlled by remote sensing, confirmed the launch, fast forward, rewind, etc. 2,Entertainment Mode: + A music mode. By remote control you can directly start playing music, adjust the volume, down song 3,Horizontal operation: + B lateral grip mode. Game modes. You may cross shake hands to operate the remote control, remote control switches direction, suitable for playing mobile games 4,Vertical operation: + C vertical mode. One-handed operation, remote sensing can be used in a mobile phone interface selection, confirm or quit. Package: 1 x VR remote control (without retail package,not includes the batterys)

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